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Located on the Mendocino Coast

Ricciardi Designs is a premier web design and digital marketing agency located in the heart of Mendocino. Founded in 2004, we specialize in creating visually stunning websites for a wide range of clients, including retail businesses, inns, restaurants, artists, and tradespeople.

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With Ricciardi Designs, your website will no longer be a tiny boat lost in the endless sea of the internet! We’ll steer you right and ensure you’re seen by those who matter most – your future customers.

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Design Innovation Since 2004

Since 2004, our unique design concepts have been instrumental in creating the branding and design for many companies, organizations, and artists, such as Mendocino Maples, Mendocino Film Festival, Sweetwater Inn & Spa, The Ledford House Restaurant, and Mendocino Community Network.

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About Ricciardi Designs

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Ricciardi Designs was founded in 2004 with the ambition to deliver visually intriguing websites to a small coastal community.

We focus on the present and the future. Ricciardi Designs has evolved significantly since our founding in 2004, having grown from a fledgling design studio to a well-established company with the experience and expertise to meet your business needs.

So, let’s start shaping a brighter future together. What do you say we roll up our sleeves and get to work on making great things happen for your business?

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Hello, my name is Shan Ricciardi

I’m an experienced designer with 18 years of industry experience. Growing up in the artists’ enclave of Mendocino, I learned the value of family, arts, and nature early on. I bring these values to my work with small businesses, professionals, nonprofits, and artists around California and beyond. I take the time to understand the unique goals and objectives of each project and use my design skills to communicate your message dynamically and authentically.

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